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Adding someone as a joint tenant

When you add a joint tenant, you’ll both sign a new joint tenancy agreement. This means you’ll both become legally responsible for the paying of the rent and the other responsibilities of the tenancy.

If you just need a friend or relative to be able to contact us on your behalf, for example to report repairs, you don’t need to add them as a joint tenant. You can give them authority to act on your behalf.

Before we can legally add someone to your tenancy:

  • Each person must separately make the request to us (see below)
  • The rent balance must not be in arrears
  • The new tenant must provide proof of identification and residence
  • The new tenant must have been living continuously at the property for more than 1 year, unless you’re married to them

The process

  • You (the tenant) send us an email or letter asking for the person to be added as a tenant. Please include your property address and current phone number
  • The person you want to add to the tenancy should complete a become a joint tenant form
  • Once we’ve received both, we’ll let you know when your current tenancy agreement will end, and the new one will start. On this date you and the new tenant will come to our office and sign the joint tenancy agreement
  • We’ll complete the request within 28 days of receiving both requests

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