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Before you move in

First, thank you for accepting our offer to rent one of our properties.

Your moving date

Before you move in, we’ll make sure your new home meets our rental standard and this can take a few weeks. We’ll let you know your moving date as soon as we can.

Safety first

Our rental standard starts with making sure the property is safe for you and your family.

Your boiler/heating system and electrics will have been inspected by a certified engineer and passed as safe to use. You’ll need to set up your gas, electric and water supplies.

The locks will have been changed and you’ll receive two sets of keys and key fobs for communal entrance doors if it’s in a block.

A basic clean

The property and any gardens will be cleared of rubbish and the rooms will be swept.

Decoration and furnishings

Our properties come unfurnished, undecorated and usually without carpets, curtains, fridge, cooker or washing machine. Unlike many private landlords we’re happy for you to decorate and furnish your home yourself.


Some parts of your new home will be our responsibility to repair and maintain, but some will be yours. You can see a full list on the repair responsibilities pages.

Any urgent repairs will be done before you move in. Smaller ones will be arranged with you for a later date.

Accepting non-standard items

Sometimes previous tenants have added non-standard items like sheds and electric showers. You’ll be asked if you want to accept these. If you do, you’ll be responsible for them from then on. If you don’t, we’ll remove them before you move in.


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