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Campfield Way & Highover Road

Please have a look at visuals showing more information on our proposal here [pdf] 

In June, we contacted residents at Campfield Way and Highover Road in Letchworth Garden City about proposals to redevelop and invest in building new homes on the site of existing properties.

The properties, often referred to as Hawksley bungalows after designer AW Hawksley - are prefabricated, timber-framed, aluminium clad bungalows that were built in the late 1940s with a predicted lifespan of 60 years.

Hawksley Bungalows

Investing in homes

Government legislation requires landlords like settle to ensure that all homes for which we’re responsible achieve an energy performance rating of Band C or higher by 2030, and that all properties are carbon neutral by 2050.

To bring these properties in line with government requirements would involve several considerations, including potentially invasive work to their structure. With the amount of work and disruption involved and the level of financial investment required, we have proposed that the best option would be to invest in developing new homes on the site of the existing properties.

Proposed plans

The next steps in our proposals to redevelop these homes is to share initial thoughts with residents about how the area could be used to provide new properties, community facilities and green spaces. You can see these visuals following the links from this page.

A Resident Steering Group has also been formed which will continue to be involved in all aspects of the development and act as a sounding board to help co-create the new homes.

Our commitment is to create a neighbourhood that is good to live in and an environment that positively enhances the conservation area.

Please have a look at visuals showing more information on our propsals here [pdf]

If you have any questions, would like to make suggestions regarding the redevelopment, or if you are interested in joining the resident steering group, please send us an email and a member of our team will respond. You can also call Tim on 07938 378409 or the main office number -  0330 343 0016.

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