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Communal bins

Bins are collected and then emptied by your local council.

You can visit their website to find out what coloured bins to use for different types of rubbish and waste.

When the wrong bins are used

Sometimes bins are not used correctly (such as when plastic is put in the food and garden waste bins). If this happens repeatedly your local council may decide to remove the bins. Normally they will give a number of warnings over several weeks and actions may include the following, but as mentioned please contact your local council for more information:

  • The bins might not be emptied and a sticker put on the bin(s) containing the wrong items
  • A letter may be sent to everyone in the block
  • The bins may be emptied but only on the next scheduled waste collection day
  • You may be charged for this service

What if it’s not me?

The correct use of bins is the shared responsibility of everyone who lives in the block.

We would urge you to talk with the other residents in your block and resolve the situation as soon as you can.

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