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Cleaning of shared areas

In some blocks we arrange regular cleaning of communal areas and in others it’s the joint responsibility of the residents.

If there’s a cleaning schedule on the notice board in your block, it means we arrange the cleaning and cost is included in your rent or service charge.

Blocks where you clean the communal areas

Please work with your neighbours in the block to keep it clean.

We’ll inspect these blocks twice a year. If we must clean the block then we’ll charge the cost to you and your neighbours.

Blocks where we do the cleaning

These will be cleaned by our approved contractors. You’ll find the cleaning schedule displayed on the noticeboard.

What’s cleaned?

We will:

  • Mop, sweep and hoover the floors
  • Clean stair rails, bannisters and window sills
  • Remove cobwebs and clean dusty or dirty skirting boards
  • Clean and sweep bin stores
  • Clean the outside of the windows in shared areas every three months
  • If you live in one of our retirement or flexicare homes, we’ll clean the windows of each flat and the inside and outside of windows in shared areas

Some of these won’t need cleaning every time, but if any cleaning hasn’t been done please contact us and let us know.

Personal items

For fire safety reasons don’t leave or store any personal items in shared areas.

Sometimes people dump rubbish and unwanted items in shared areas. Read our abandoned items and rubbish page to find out what you and we can do about that.

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You can report it to the police, and they’ll investigate, but they don’t remove graffiti.

If the graffiti’s on public land, report it to your local council and they’ll remove it.

If it’s on our land, contact us and we’ll clean it up. This can take up to four weeks; however if it’s offensive, we’ll remove it as a matter of urgency.

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