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Complaints - how we're doing

We value complaints and other feedback we receive and seek to learn and improve using these. You can make a complaint or see how we handle complaints on this website. For a full break-down of how we've managed complaints, please read our Complaints handling self assesment.pdf

Complaints received in 2019/20

Complaints resolved at first point of contact 240
Complaints passed for further investigation 347
Total 587

Complaints closed in 2019/20

    In target Out of target
Complaints resolved at first point of contact within 1 day target 240 240 0
Complaint investigations resolved within 14 day target 342 265 77
Total 582* 505 77

* There were 5 ongoing complaints, still within the 14 day target at the time this data was produced.

Complaints escalated for review by management

  In target Out of target
Complaints that were investigated by management within 21 day target 87 0

Complaints escalated to the Housing Ombudsman

Total 6
Complaints resolved during investigation by the Housing Ombudsman 2

Housing Ombudsman determination (decision)

Maladministration (poor management)

No maladministration




How we're improving

We always look for ways to do better based on customer feedback. Right now we are:

  • Changing how we log and manage our complaints to speed up resolution
  • Making our complaints process easier to access and keeping customers informed at each stage
  • Focussing on delivering fairness and putting things right when things go wrong
  • Reviewing trends and themes in the complaints raised. Our monthly Customer Assurance Panel, chaired by our Executive Director of Customer Services, will take appropriate action.

In September 2020, the Housing Ombudsman published a new complaint handling code setting out good practice for landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly. We see the new code as a positive move forward that provides clear expectations and focuses on good outcomes for our customers.

We’ll change our processes to comply with the new code by 31 December 2020 and we'll update this page then.

This page was last updatedd on: 22 September 2020

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