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Doors and windows

Please remember:

  • If you fitted something, had it fitted or if you accepted it as a gift when you accepted your property it will be your responsibility to fix and maintain it
  • To cover any accidental damage to items in your home we strongly suggest you get contents insurance


Type of repair


Your main front and back doors. This includes the hinges, frames, locks, paint and the doors themselves Us
Other external doors You
Catches, spy holes, door numbers, letter plates, security chains, draught excluders You*
Internal doors including the hinges and handles You
Internal door frames Us

* We will repair or replace these if you live in a block of flats or in one of our retirement or flexicare homes.


Type of repair


Glass You
Condensation inside double glazed windows Us
Window frames, handles, fastenings and hinges Us
Window locks and restrictors. For safety reasons we don't allow window locks or restrictors to be fitted to windows, unless it's a recommendation from a professional organisation  

Report a repair

Lost keys and forced entry

We don’t keep copies of keys to any individual properties. If you lose your keys, contact a lock-smith rather than forcing or breaking a door or window. We'll charge you if we have to board up or repair any doors or windows that have been damaged by you.

Theft and break-ins

If your keys were stolen or if your home was broken into as a result of crime, please tell us the crime reference number when you report it to us.

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