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Please remember:

  • If you fitted something, had it fitted or if you accepted it as a gift when you accepted your property, it will be your responsibility to fix and maintain it
  • We will charge you for repairing something that is your responsibility or that’s been damaged by someone or something other than us
  • To cover any accidental damage to items in your home we strongly suggest you get contents insurance

Electrical faults

Type of repair


Electric meters, arranging the supply of electricity to your property and reporting any faults with meters to the electricity supplier You
Resetting trip switches at the main fuse board (consumer unit) You
Electrical faults Us
Plug sockets, light switches, light fittings and other electrical fittings we have installed Us
Cords for pull cord light switches You
Phone, broadband, TV and satellite sockets You
TV aerials at individual properties You
Communal TV aerials (usually in blocks of flats) Us
External lighting fitted by us Us
Replacing or cleaning the filters in extractor fans You
Extractor fan faults Us
Arranging for a cooker to be safely connected to the electric supply by a qualified person You
Faults with mains powered smoke detectors Us
Fuses in plugs and appliances You
Replacing light bulbs including fluorescent (strip) lights and fluorescent light starter motor (watch: changing a flourescent tube and starter video) You
Replacing light bulbs in sealed lights You*

* We will repair or replace this if you live in one of our retirement or flexicare homes.

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