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Ending your tenancy

If a family member or friend who was a tenant has passed away please visit our when a tenant passes away page.

Step 1. Contact us

If you want to end your tenancy please contact us and tell us.

Step 2. Tenancy termination form

Complete and sign a Termination of tenancy form [PDF]

The form must be signed by the tenant or someone with Power of Attorney. In the case of joint tenants only one needs to sign the form.

Step 3. Your four week notice period

You’ll need to give us four weeks notice to end your tenancy. This will start once we’ve received your form/notice and will normally end on the first Monday four weeks later. We will write to you confirming the exact date that you need to move out by.

Although you can move out earlier you will need to pay rent until to last day of your notice period.

Read our returning the property to us page to find out what will happen and what you need to do during this period.

If we end your tenancy

If we end your tenancy, we’ll give you at least four weeks notice in writing unless we are ending your tenancy because of serious antisocial behaviour.


Step 4. Moving out

Before you move out and return the keys to us please read our returning the property to us page


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