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Adapting your home

We know it can be challenging when yours or your family needs change and your home is longer meeting your needs. We want to help by being clearer about what we’re able to do and what we’re not able to do - as we know ambiguity does not help when you’re looking for answers.

When you need minor aids in your homes, such as grab rails etc we are able to do this for you. Please contact us in the same way you would for a repair job and we will arrange an appointment with you at the earliest convenience.

When you need major adaptation work carried out on your home, such as the installing of a wet room or an extension - typically this is the statutory responsibility of the local authority. Within the North Herts District Council area, we make a financial contribution to the local authority to support them with this.

If you live in the North Herts District Council area, you will need to contact their Home Improvement Agency on : 01438 843467 / 01438 843948 or via email hia@hertfordshire.gov.uk, this will also include the instruction of an Occupational Therapist to assess your requirements, from this stage onwards they will support your major works request from start to finish.

If your property falls under another council area, please contact us and we will provide you with the relevant information.

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