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Our Flexicare accommodation

Flexicare Housing Hertfordshire

Our Flexicare housing schemes are specifically for people aged 55+ who may require personal care, which is provided by on site Care Assistants.  Our tenants live in a self contained flat and maintain their independence whilst having use of communal facilities.

Flexicare housing April 2016[pdf] 612KB

Flexicare HousingFlexicare may suit you if you:

  • Are finding it hard to cope in your existing accommodation
  • Are already receiving home care services
  • Have unpredictable care needs
  • Have few care needs now but want to prepare for the future
  • Are a couple requiring differing levels of care

The level of care and support provided can be changed if your needs change.

The care and support you'll receive

There is an alarm system to summon help in an emergency at any time of the day or night.  During normal working hours the in house Care Team will respond.  After 10pm alarm calls go to Careline (Control Centre) who will respond by taking the appropriate action or notifying on site staff.

Each Scheme has a Housing Officer and Care Team Manager who work closely together to assess your needs. They are available during the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30 am to 4.00 pm on Friday.

The Scheme Manager will:

  • Meet prospective tenants to discuss support needs
  • Respond to emergencies during office hours
  • Manage the building, including monitoring health and safety, fire safety, security and repairs
  • Maintain all records
  • Consult and involve residents on issues relevant to the Scheme
  • Encourage social activities both inside and outside the Scheme

The Care Team Manager will:

  • Manage the domiciliary care provided by the qualified in house Care Team
  • Update Care Plans and carry out risk assessments

The Care Team can:

  • Help you with personal care
  • Get you up and dressed
  • Manage your prescription medicines
  • Help you with meal preparation

If you don’t feel you need help with these things now that’s great, but if your needs do change, for a short time or more permanently, help is on hand.

How much does it cost?

The amount you pay for your care depends on the level of care you need and your financial situation.  We work with Hertfordshire County Council’s Health and Community Services Team to discuss your care needs and you will be jointly assessed for the level of care you need.  This is simplified into 3 bands – low, medium or high.

Some people on low incomes are entitled to Housing Benefit and free home care.  Some people pay rent and a weekly charge, based on their savings and income, to help towards the cost of care and support.

You won’t pay more than you can afford.  Emergency care will always be available to everyone.

If you would like more information about the specific costs involved please contact Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4042 or visit their website www.hertsdirect.org/hcs