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Gardens, fences and trees

If you have a garden you must:

  • Maintain it to a good standard including any grass, hedges and trees
  • Keep pathways on your land clear of slip hazards, and if you have a tree that overhangs a public pathway, you need to make sure low or loose branches are not dangerous to others
  • Keep it tidy and free from rubbish
  • Not store any flammable liquids, cylinders or appliances such as petrol, diesel or parafin
  • Not store unused items such as old washing machines, fridges, cars, motorcycles and parts, furniture etc
  • Not remove a tree, put up a shed or other structure without written permission from us
  • Not park or store any cars or vehicles unless you have a driveway. See also paths, paving and driveways
  • Not store a large van, camper van or caravan without written permission from us

Repairs and maintenance

Type of repair/maintenance


Washing lines / rotary dryer / clothes posts You*
Water butts You
Outside taps You*
Cutting grass, hedges and maintenance of trees and other vegetation You*
Collecting and disposing of fallen leaves  
Dealing with pests such as rats, pigeons, wasps, ants etc You*
Fences and gates at the front of the property You
Fences and gates at the back of the property Us#

* If located in a communal area we will manage and maintain this.

# We will replace damaged fences with more economical chain-link fences unless they back onto a public area or footpath.


If you want to cut back or remove a tree in your garden you must get written permission from us first. We will seek planning consent where this is necessary.

If a tree in your garden is overhanging your neighbour's garden they can request you cut this back to the boundary line. Alternatively they can carry out this work themselves once they have permission from us to do so. You have no obligation to do this work unless the tree is dangerous or diseased.

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