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Repairs and maintenance for home owners

This page is for shared owners and customers who own their home. If you rent your home from us please visit the repairs and maintenance pages in the tenants section.

Reporting repairs

As a home owner or shared owner, you’re responsible for all repairs and maintenance inside your property (including the boiler) and any private gardens but you can report repairs to communal areas.

If you live in a newly built property, it will have a 1 or 2 year warranty, which means you can report all problems, whether inside or outside the property to us within the warranty period. Just contact us.

Home improvements

Please read our making alterations and improvements to your property page.

If you live in a flat you’ll need our written permission to make any changes to your windows or front door(s).

Communal areas and facilities

If you live in a block of flats or a complex, we’re responsible for all communal areas and facilities. To report repairs or maintenance problems just contact us.

You can find information about what and how we maintain communal areas in the communal areas section:

Please also see our service charges page.

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