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Selling your property - home owners

If you want to sell or remortgage, you’ll start by choosing a solicitor to manage the legal parts of the process.

If you’re a shared owner please visit our selling your shared ownership property page.

Leasehold information pack

Ask your solicitor to contact us and request a leasehold information pack. This pack provides details of the history and management of the building. Your solicitor will need to send this to the buyer’s solicitor.

We charge £200 for providing this pack. This price includes VAT.

Once we’ve received the request from your solicitor and payment, we’ll provide the pack in 10 working days.

I’ve now sold my property. Why are you sending letters to me and not the new owner?

It can take up to a month after the sale, for the buyer’s solicitor to send us legal confirmation of the new owner. During this time, you'll continue to receive letters from us.

Once we’ve received the legal notice, we’ll update our records within 10 working days and from that point correspondence will go to the new owner.

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