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How we collect your feedback

Feedback and data about what customers ask us to do and how they feel about how we do it, plays a key role in how we choose improvements. To see a list the improvements we’ve made recently as a result of your feedback visit the you said, we did page.

We collect feedback in several ways and sometimes we use other companies to carry out surveys or conduct research for us. In all cases we make sure we protect your data.

Satisfaction and perception surveys

Whenever you contact us, you might receive a follow up call or text to ask how satisfied you were with our service. These might come from our partner Voluntas.

Every now and again you might receive a more detailed survey, to ask you how you think we’re doing in general.


If you’re not happy about something, please tell us. We need this feedback to help us get it right next time.

We use information from complaints to identify trends and make improvements to our services.

Focus groups and interviews

Throughout the year we carry out focus groups and interviews to:

  • Make sure we’re understanding what really matters to you
  • Ask you specific questions
  • Test new ideas

If you’d like to be involved, please contact us.