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Kitchens and bathrooms

Please remember:

Both kitchens and bathrooms


Type of repair


Unblocking blocked waste pipes, sinks, baths, basins and toilets You*
Leaks Us
Waste pipe repairs Us
Wall and floor tiles Us
Disabled facilities including hand/grab rails, toilet plinths and shower trays fitted by us Us
Water stop cocks and valves Us
Taps Us
Plugs and chains You
Sinks and basins Us
Extractor fans  
Lights, light bulbs and flourescent tubes  

* Please see the blockages page


Type of repair


Baths Us
Damaged bath enamel. Repair kits can be bought from DIY stores You
Bath panels You
Toilets and cisterns Us
Toilet seats You
Showers and shower trays fitted by us Us
Shower hoses, heads#, curtain rails, curtains, riser rails and clips You#

# We'll repair or replace these if you live in one of our retirement or flexicare homes.


Type of repair


Kitchen cupboard door hinges, drawer handles and runners You
Kitchen worktops, cupboards and cupboard doors Us
Outside taps (please see the gardens, fences and trees page)  


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