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Autumn leaves can be beautiful, but in some areas, they gather, pile up and occasionally cause problems.

Leaves around your home

Although as a tenant you’re responsible for the trees and hedges in your garden(s), it’s considered unreasonable to ask the person responsible for trees to collect and dispose of leaves from them. Also, leaves can be carried long distances by the wind and it’s often impossible to tell which leaves came from which trees.

Although, you don’t have to collect and dispose of leaves, it’s good to remove them from drains (see below) before they block them.

Gutters and drains

If leaves get into your gutters and downpipes and block them, please report this as a repair and we’ll clear the blockage.

If your outside drain is blocked, you’ll need to clear this yourself.

See full details on the gutters and drains page.

Will settle remove leaves?

For the reasons mentioned above we don’t normally remove fallen leaves from communal areas.

If leaves are causing you a mobility or safety problem please contact us.

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