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Lofts, insulation, roofs and chimneys

Please remember:

Lofts and insulation

Type of repair


Insulation to pipes Us
Water storage tanks and overflow pipes Us
Loft and roof insulation Us*

*We'll only repair and maintain loft insulation if damaged by a flood, fire or pests. Insulation upgrades are not classed as repairs

Roofs and chimneys

Type of repair


Roof repairs Us
Solar panels Us
Fascia boards and soffits Us
Gutters and drains  
Chimneys and chimney pots Us
TV aerials and satalite dishes on individual properties You#
Communal TV aerials on blocks of flats Us

#To ask for written permission to install a TV aerial or satalite dish please see our DIY and making improvements to your home page.

Report a repair

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