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If you need to move home

If you need to move to a home that’s more suitable for your needs, you'll need to apply to join what’s called the common housing register (see below). Another way to move is to swap your home with another tenant. If you need a bit more support, check out our supported accommodation for over 55s.

Step 1. Apply to join the common housing register

To do this visit the Home4U website and fill out the application form. Once you are registered your housing application will come to us. You will be asked for supporting information.

Step 2. Search and bid for homes

There’s a high demand for homes in North Hertfordshire so applicants are allocated a banding and points based on their housing needs.

Once we’ve approved your application we will write to you and tell you what band you are in and how many points you have. You will then be able to start searching and bidding for homes online.

Step 3. Viewing properties

The three applicants with the highest priority need for that property will be invited to view the property.

If you have a higher priority than the other bidders (or if someone with a higher priority than you doesn’t want it) it may be offered to you.

Step 4. Accepting an offer and moving

If you accept an offer of a property we’ll contact you to arrange a moving date.

Often you will be required to move quite quickly so it’s good to be ready.

You will need to Give notice on your tenancy.

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