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Our approach to fire safety

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower in West London we have been working with our partners in the fire service to look at what sensible steps we can take. At this difficult time our thoughts are with the families of those affected, but we are also keen to ensure that our approach to fire safety is protecting our customers.

Although we don't own or manage any high rise blocks of flats, we want to reassure our residents that we take fire safety very seriously. All our buildings requiring assessment have been reviewed in the past year and have a current fire risk assessment. Fire safety measures and all health and safety equipment is regularly tested and inspected as part of our approach to maintaining our housing stock. 


Frequently asked questions about fire safety

Understandably, we are receiving calls about fire safety and we've produced a list of questions and answers to help reassure everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions [pdf] 111KB

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue advice

We work in partnership with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue who are happy to carry out visits to your home and provide advice and guidance on fire safety measures. They have also produced information especially for people living in high rise flats which you may find helpful.

Help support fire safety in your block of flats

Residents can help support fire safety in their building by working with us to ensure communal areas are free of possessions and rubbish. If we contact you about a specific fire safety issue in your building, please do take the matter seriously as it is in everyone’s interest to reduce the risk of fires as far as possible.

Register your appliances

As with any major incident it is likely that there will be learning points following the fire at Grenfell Tower. We will be monitoring the investigations closely to ensure we learn all we can about how this incident occurred.

We're aware of a product recall on Hotpoint fridge-freezers FF175BP and FF175BG, so we encourage anyone who has these models to register them with Hotpoint or ring 0800 316 3826. Regardless of the make and model, the fire service suggests you register your appliances to get any important safety notices or to check if your products are subject to a product recall.


If you have any concerns in the meantime about fire safety within your own building or need general advice on fire safety in your home please contact us.