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Our customer offer

23 May 2018

Today, as we launch our new name “settle”, we’re also launching a clearer customer offer to make things easier for our customers.

As a good landlord our first priority is to offer straightforward trusted services that allow our customers to live in their homes comfortably. Our customer offer clearly sets out our commitment to our customers and what we ask in return.

Our customer offer

  • When we rent a property to you it will be safe and clean
  • We’ll arrange regular safety checks with you to make sure it stays safe
  • We’ll be clear with you about what rent and other charges you need to pay, and we’ll offer you a variety of ways to pay them
  • We’ll be clear with you about what parts of your home we’ll maintain and what you’re in charge of
  • We’ll fix all emergency repairs in under 24 hours; for anything less urgent we’ll offer you the next available appointment that’s convenient to you
  • We’ll keep communal areas and facilities safe, clean and in good repair
  • When you need to contact us we’ll always try and resolve your problem first time
  • If a few people behave in a way that spoils the neighbourhood for everyone else we’ll act where and when we can

What we ask of you

  • Pay your rent and other charges on time
  • Take good care of your home
  • Be a considerate neighbour
  • Leave the property in good condition when you decide to move out