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Rent and Service Charge notification 2018-2019

All our customers who rent or lease their home from us should receive their formal notification of changes to rent, service and other charges by Friday 2 March.

In response to customer feedback, last year we changed how we displayed the information to be more clear, and provide more detail about the individual charges.

We’re keeping the same format this year, so as well as the covering letter, you’ll have a list of all the costs associated with your home.

If you have access to a communal area such as a flat block, Retirement Living or Flexi-care scheme; or if you live on an estate that has communal space as part of your tenancy, you'll also see more information on those charges.

Please remember that we make no financial gain on service charges and only collect the money that is spent in delivering the services mentioned in your list.

Further help to understand service and other charges is shown below, and if you have any questions, comments or concerns please call us on 0330 343 0016 or email customer.service@settlegroup.org.uk


Service and all other charges explained.pdf[pdf] 446KB

Frequently Asked Questions about Service and Other charges.pdf[pdf] 440KB


Published 27th February 2018