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Latest News

  1. Need storage? We've got garages to rent

    We have garages to rent from £55.62 per month (£46.35 if you also rent your home from us) in Letchworth, Hitchin, Royston and other locations.

  2. More than a landlord

    We’re delighted to launch our compassionate neighbours project to reduce loneliness for our residents.

  3. Planning application for play area to be reviewed

    The proposed children’s play area on Swinburne Avenue in Hitchin will be reviewed at the NHDC planning Control Committee on 14 November.

  4. Protect the contents of your home

    Your rent statement is on its way and includes information about home contents insurance.

  5. Work starts on new development in Potters Bar

    Affordable homes available from next year

  6. Update following public meeting on 21 October

    Thank you for feedback on our proposals to develop John Barker Place, Hitchin, and provide a new children’s play area.

  7. Invitation to public meeting on Monday 21 October

    Another chance to find out more about plans for new homes and shops in John Barker Place, Hitchin and proposals for a children’s play area on Swinburne playing fields.

  8. Supporting world mental health day

    Thursday 10 October is World mental health day which aims to educate and raise awareness of mental health issues. It also gives us all a good opportunity to just to stop and consider our own well-being.

  9. Why the big door knock and what next?

    News text content

    Our chief executive explains the reasons behind the big door knock, the results, the actions we've taken and will take as a result.

  10. We’ve stopped using HomeSwapper for exchanging homes

    If you’re currently registered on HomeSwapper, you’ll need to register on the Exchange Locata website – it’s free.

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