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Noise from neighbours or their animals

Acceptable noise

At settle we consider normal living sounds to be acceptable. This includes things like children playing, closing doors, moving around, hoovers, washing machines, TVs, one-off parties such as birthday parties, DIY and dogs occasionally barking.

Unacceptable noise

Some noise however (including some of the above) can become unacceptable.

This would include persistent, loud noise particularly at unsociable hours.

Persistent means noise lasting more than 30 minutes per day and several times a week.

Unsociable hours are after 11pm and before 7am.

(Loud shouting and arguing can be particularly unpleasant. If you’re worried about your neighbour’s safety, contact the police.)

What you can do

Try having a friendly chat with them. They may not realise the impact their noise is having on you and this can be the best way of resolving the problem.

You could fill out one of our dear neighbour cards [Word]. These politely let your neighbour know that their noise is affecting you.

If that doesn’t work, please:

What we’ll do

We’ll act where we can, but it’s important for you to know that we’re unable to act against one of our tenants without:

  • The support of the environmental health department at your local council
  • Evidence you gather by working with them

We can offer mediation. This is where we meet with you and your neighbours together and try to help you work things out and come to an agreement.

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