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Our customer promise


We will:

How we measure it


Keep your home safe and secure

We measure our progress against strict targets we set for carrying out gas and electrical safety checks and fire risk assessments at each property.

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Deliver services in a way that meets your needs

This is an independent survey we use to monitor how residents feel about their home and the neighbourhood they live in.

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Listen to you and learn from our mistakes

We measure how many improvements we've made to our services based directly on what we've learned from complaints.

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Keep things simple and services easy to access

We measure customer effort through an independent survey.

Our target is less than 4. We see a score between 4.1 and 4.5 as amber. Our most recent score in this measure, from data gathered in March 2022, was 4.3.

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Show we care

Every three months we do a Big Door Knock, which is where colleagues from all teams at settle speak to residents and ask how they’re doing and if there’s anything more we can do for them.

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Work with you to get things right

This score is measured through an independent survey asking customers how they feel we’re doing overall.

We see a score over 73 as green, and a score between 70 and 73 as amber. Our most recent score, from March 2022, was 68.8.

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Make it straightforward to put things right when they go wrong

We measure how many of our complaints were resolved within 10 working days.

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Offer extra help where we can

We track how many customers we’ve helped with things like utility top-ups and emergency food supplies each month.

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Focus on what is important to you - good timely repairs and keeping neighbourhoods clean and tidy

This score shows how we are doing towards our target of 95% of routine repairs being completed on our first visit.

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We're working hard to improve areas highlighted in red and amber, in particular through our #basicallybrilliant project to ensure we deliver great landlord services to all residents. We're also recruiting more colleagues so we can more quickly provide the services we know are most important to residents.

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