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Our post-lockdown repairs recovery plan

We usually aim to complete all repairs within 18 days. We are currently completing repairs, on average, within 22 days, but some trades are taking considerably longer than this. You would have seen in the news, there are some challenges nationally with supply chain including access to specialist labour in some trades, parts such as fencing and plaster boards. Unfortunately this is also affecting us at settle. For some trades, it just means we have fewer appointment slots, as well as managing a backlog.

Currently you will not need to wait more than 20 days for electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs to be completed. Other repairs are taking a bit longer to complete, these include fencing, plastering and ground works.

Average wait time for appointments by by trade

Trade Days
Carpentry 17
Electrical 18
Plumbing 19
Roofing 53
Ground works and drainage 60
Fencing 77
Plastering 128

What are we doing about it?

We are working through the repairs from the oldest to the newest, within this we are taking in account individual circumstances of residents, including impact on emotional and mental wellbeing.

We have also rebooked all appointments for repair jobs that were raised during the periods of lockdown and will make sure you are kept informed of the progress if there are any changes to this.

We currently have 1,783 ‘live jobs’, we usually operate at approximately 1,000 live jobs at any given time, which is what we are working to get back to – we believe we will be back at this level by the end of October 2021. We are achieving this through increased appointments earlier in the morning, more appointments in the evenings and weekend.

Where possible we are also working with external trades contractors so they can help to reduce wait times for customers. We are actively seeking providers to help us with fencing and plastering work, however as mentioned these are areas that supply chain is a challenge in.

The graph below helps to show the average wait times and how they have been gradually reducing since restrictions lifted.

Graph showing average appointment wait times by month

We understand waiting can be frustrating, we are working to reduce the wait times for appointments – we’re always happy to hear from you on suggestions of how we can do things better.

We thank you for your patience during this time.

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