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Parking problems

We are only able to assist with vehicle and parking enquiries on land which belongs to us.  For all other enquiries you should contact your local council




There are not enough parking spaces in the street

We expect that neighbours are considerate to one another when parking however most parking is on a first come first served basis.

Someone is parking in your allocated parking space

Please contact us and we will help where we can. This is only where you have been allocated a designated parking space with your property.

Someone is blocking your car or garage

We are unable to deal with this. You should contact 101 for advice.

Someone has parked too close to you

We are unable to deal with this but recommend you politely discuss this with your neighbour.

Someone in the street has more than two cars and is taking all the parking spaces

We are unable to regulate the number of cars in each property and expect that neighbours are considerate to one another when parking.

A vehicle has no MOT, tax, insurance and is parked on the road

Please fill in the GOV report an untaxed vehicle form to report this

Someone has damaged your vehicle with theirs

This needs to be reported to your insurance company and the Police if necessary.

Cars are parked on the grass verges

Please contact us and provide the details of the vehicle and exact location so that we can investigate. We will work with other agencies such as the Police to deal with this.

Also please see our paving and driveways page.

If you would like more information or to report the problem please contact us.

Abandoned vehicles

If you see an abandoned vehicle in your neighbourhood, please contact us. We keep an eye on abandoned cars on our land and we work with the police to have them removed if they are:

  • Not properly taxed or insured
  • Causing a public nuisance or danger

If the vehicle is not on our land (such as on a public road), we may refer you to your local council.

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