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Paths, paving and driveways

Please remember:

Repair and maintenance responsibilities

Type of repair


Driveways You*
Paths to your front and back doors Us
Concrete or paved paths, patios and other areas not required to access the property You*
Garage forecourts and driveways Us
Disabled facilities including ramps and handrails fitted by us Us

* We may remove or repair isolated areas we think are dangerous or cause a trip hazard

Driveways and parking

You must not park or store any vehicles unless you have a paved or concrete driveway and a dropped kerb from the road.

If you want to lay a driveway you must seek our written permission first.

If you have a driveway you must:

  • Not use it to store unroadworthy vehicles
  • Not store a caravan or camper van without written permission from us
  • Not use it to carry out major vehicle repairs
  • Keep it tidy and not store items such as old washing machines, fridges, furniture etc

If you're having problems with parking at your block or in the neighbourhood please read our parking problems page.

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