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Pay online

You can pay online in several ways.

Direct bank transfer from your banking app

Go to the pay by bank transfer page.

On the Allpay websiteImage of the Allpay logo

Make a payment online now using your debit or credit card with our approved partner Allpay. You’ll need your rent card (sometimes called a payment or Allpay card). Request a replacement rent card.

Visit the Allpay website

Download the Allpay app

You can download the Allpay app to your smart phone or tablet and this will allow you to easily make payments at the tap of a button. Again you’ll need your rent card.

Check your balance online now

Create an account and check your account balance, charges and statement online right now. You can also report and track repairs and more.

Pay automatically by Direct Debit

Forget the worry of missing a payment by paying your rent and other charges automatically. Visit our pay by Direct Debit page.

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