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Removing someone as a joint tenant

Before we can legally remove someone from a joint tenancy:

  • The rent balance must not be in arrears
  • Each tenant must separately make the request to us by a signed letter
  • Both tenants will also individually come to our office and physically sign a legal document known as a deed of assignment

If the tenant has died, please read the when a tenant passes away page.

What you need to do

Both tenants should separately send us a letter asking for the tenant to be removed from the joint tenancy. Each letter should include:

  • The property address
  • The name of the tenant to be removed
  • Your name and signature

The tenant who wants to be removed should also include their new/current address, telephone numbers and email address.

You can use this form to attach a copy or photo of your 2 letters.

The process

Once we’ve received both requests, we’ll contact you both to come to our office (you don’t have to come together) and sign a legal document to remove the tenant from the tenancy agreement. We’ll ask you each to bring one item of photo identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) with you.

We’ll change our records on the first Monday after you’ve both signed.

We’ll aim to complete the whole request within 28 days of receiving both requests.


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