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Safety and storage in communal areas

Communal areas including corridors and staircases are fire evacuation routes, so we don’t allow residents to keep any household or garden items in them. Even small items can potentially be a fire or trip hazard.

This includes:

  • Pushchairs and trolleys
  • Mobility scooters
  • Bikes, scooters and children’s toys
  • Rubbish (even temporarily)
  • Pictures with glass fronts
  • Furniture including rugs
  • Plant pots

Removing items from communal areas

We will try to find the owner of items left in communal areas and ask them to remove them. If we can’t we will charge the costs of removing and disposing of the items to the owner.

If you have large items to dispose of, please contact your local council who usually offer a removal service.


The more oxygen a fire gets, the hotter and faster it burns. That’s why all doors in communal areas must be kept closed and not propped open.

All doors in communal areas including your front door must be fire rated. Please contact us first if you want to change your front door.


Some blocks of flats have storage cupboards that you can use for keeping most items but not flammable liquids or gases.

If you need storage space, we have secure garages that can be rented for as little as £10 per week.

Access to locked utility cupboards

If you’re having broadband, Sky or another package connected, the engineer may need to get into these cupboards.

Please contact us and we’ll arrange for someone to open the cupboard for them. Please give us 3 days notice.

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