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Sheds, garages and outside buildings

Please remember:

  • If you fitted something, had it fitted or if you accepted it as a gift when you accepted your property, it will be your responsibility to fix and maintain it
  • We will charge you for repairing something that is your responsibility or that’s been damaged by someone or something other than us
  • To cover any accidental damage to items in your home we strongly suggest you get contents insurance

Repair and maintenance responsibilities

Type of repair


Lost garage keys and keys snapped in locks (see also the 'lost keys and forced entry' section on the doors and windows page) You
Garage roofs, guttering, walls, doors (including opening mechanism), and forecourts/driveways Us*
Sheds You
Structural repairs to concrete and brick-built sheds, outbuildings and porches built by us Us#
Lean-to extensions and conservatories etc You
Coal Bunkers You

* If your rented garage becomes unusable or insecure as a result of a needed repair we'll credit any rent due thereafter until the repair has been completed or we may offer you an alternative garage if we have one available.

# This doesn't include repairs to windows, doors, keys, locks, furnishings, electrics, plumbing, decoration etc. We may remove a brick-built shed, outbuilding or porch if it's unrepairable, however we'll always discuss this with you first.

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