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Swap your home

You can apply to swap your home with another tenant of ours, or another tenant housed by a council or housing association. It can be a great way of finding a more suitable home.

Before you start

Please read: What you need to know before swapping your home.pdf 

This explains what you should check for and be aware of before you apply, and why we might not approve a home swap.

Step 1. Register on HomeSwapper

Register on the Homeswapper website.

Step 2. Complete an application form

When you find someone to swap with, all parties need to complete an application form:

Before you start

Please have photos of the following documents ready to upload:

  • For each household member under 18, a copy of proof of child benefit. This can be a bank statement showing your Child Benefit payment, your name and address
  • For each household member over 18, copies of two official letters, one dated less than one month ago, the other dated more than six months ago. These should be on headed paper and show their name and your current address

Once we’ve received all applications, we’ll let you know in 42 calendar days if the move can go ahead.

Step 3. Inspection of your home

We’ll arrange to carry out a technical inspection of your home. This is to make sure it’s safe and suitable for the new tenants. These inspections can include a gas safety check, an electrical check and a general inspection.

Sometimes we might need to repair things, or we might ask you to repair things that are your responsibility before we approve the swap.

Step 4. Approval and completion

Once everything is agreed you'll receive written approval from us to go ahead with your exchange. You can then arrange a moving date with us and your exchange partner.

Finally, all parties will need to sign a legal document known as a Deed of Assignment. Once this is complete you can move.