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Walls, floors and stairs

Please remember:


Type of repair


Minor cracks and damage that can be filled with common wall filler You
Large cracks and areas of plaster coming away from the wall Us
Painting and decorating You
Painting/repainting and decorating following repairs we or our contractors have carried out You
Coving and dado rails You
Skirting boards Us
Wall tiles in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms You

Floors and stairs

Type of repair


Floorboards Us
Carpets, laminate flooring and other floor coverings You*
Floor tiles in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms You*
Stairs, bannisters and handrails Us
Disabled facilities including stair lifts, ramps and handrails fitted by us Us

* Some old floor tiles sometimes found in kitchens and bathrooms can contain minor traces of asbestos. Before removing any please read our asbestos page.

Report a repair

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