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Water, gas and electricity

WaterRunning tap water

Each geographic area has a dedicated water supplier so please contact us  if you're unsure who your supplier is and to check if a water meter is fitted.

If your property has a water meter fitted, the supplier will bill you directly so you must let them know that you've moved in.

If no water meter exists, we may have an agreement in place to collect your water rates on behalf of your supplier.

If that's something you'd prefer, let us know and you'll start to pay for your water at the same time as you pay your rent. Please note that you're always responsible for paying your water charges; we simply pass on your payment to the supplier.

Would you prefer a water meter?

•    First, check whether you would save money by having a water meter fitted. You can do this by using Affinity Water's online water usage calculator
•    Contact your supplier to see if it's possible, but don't arrange for the change just yet. 
•    If a water meter is possible and you'd like to make the change, contact us and we can update your records so you're not charged twice.
•    Contact your supplier to arrange to have the water meter fitted.

Once a water meter is fitted, it's permanent, so you can't change back.

Electricity pylon

Gas and electricity

SSE supplies gas and electricity to our properties. We'll let them know when you move in. If you are home-swapping, find out who provides the gas and electricity to the property.

When you move in, the first thing you should do is take meter readings and provide these to your supplier.

You may want to check which energey supplier can provide you with the best tarriff by using a comparision site such as uSwitch