Make sure your boiler’s ready for winter

If you’ve not yet put the heating on, now’s a good time to check that your gas boiler is working properly.

The weather’s mild so if anything’s not right, it won’t be too uncomfortable while things get fixed.

How to check your heating

  1. Switch it on and set the dial to a higher temperature than outside. Anything over 20 degrees should be fine.
  2. The boiler should fire-up. There should be a blue pilot flame or an indicator light will glow.
  3. The radiators will get warm.
  4. Switch on any gas fires to check they’re all working correctly.

Then that’s all you need to do. Turn the heating off or leave it on according to your preference.

Problems with your heating?

Here are a few simple things to save you the time and inconvenience of waiting for an engineer to visit.

If you’ve had a power cut recently

Reset or turn on the timer for your boiler. Your instruction manual will show how to do it.

If you have a digital room thermostat

Replace the batteries as they may have gone flat over the summer

If you use a pre-payment meter

Check how much credit you have – you may need to top up the meter

If your gas fires don’t work

They need to be checked by a Gas-safe registered engineer. Use Trust a trader or similar directory service to find one.

If your boiler doesn’t work or you’re worried about anything

Call us on 0330 343 0016