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Calling about a friend, relative or neighbour?

Please understand that we can’t give information about repairs, tenancy matters or other personal information to anyone except the legal tenancy holder. The only time we can is when permission has been specifically given by the tenant/customer or there is proven Power of Attorney.

Acting on behalf of a customer

If one of our customers would like someone to contact us on their behalf they can authorise someone to act in their behalf.

Worried about a friend, relative or neighbour

If you’re unable to contact a friend or relative living in one of our properties including our retirement flats please contact us.

If you’ve not been able to contact someone in flexicare accommodation or are concerned about their welfare, please contact Herts at Home.

Problems with neighbours

Before reporting problems with neighbours who are settle residents, please read our problems with neighbours and their pets page.

Customer service standards and response times

We’re listening

We believe the best way to make our services and communities better is to listen carefully to you our customers, and then act on what you say.

We listen by collecting your feedback in lots of different ways. Then, we choose what to improve based on that feedback and advice from a panel of experts.

If you want to see what we’ve changed as a result of what you’ve told us, see our you said we did page.

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