Award recognises our commitment to sustainability

We’re pleased to have been awarded the Silver accreditation for our first assessment by SHIFT, the sustainability standard for the housing sector.

The award recognises the work we have already undertaken to embed sustainability across settle, with recommendations providing a clear roadmap to achieving our target of a Gold award by 2025. The SHIFT assessment monitors how we are delivering against challenging environmental targets, such as carbon emissions, water use and landfill waste, and helps us improve our performance moving forwards.

The award builds on commitments outlined in our new sustainability strategy, which shows how we will play our part at settle in the national programme to decarbonise our economy, support residents in fuel poverty and invest in green spaces within our neighbourhoods.

Our sustainability strategy

The government have put in place sustainability targets including for all homes to achieve EPC Energy Band C by 2030. Whilst we are of course working towards these targets at settle, and we have already committed to investing an extra £16 million over the next five years to achieve them, as a social purpose organisation we are committed to going beyond this and working in an environmentally sustainable way across all that we do.

Our sustainability strategy builds on the work we have done already to outline the areas we will focus on until 2025. We will:

  • Reduce the number of residents in fuel poverty
  • Invest in existing homes
  • Build new sustainable homes
  • Support the local economy
  • Use our focus on sustainability to attract and retain colleagues to work at settle.

Gavin Cansfield, chief executive at settle said “We’re really pleased to have achieved Silver in our first accreditation by SHIFT. We’re committed to working in a sustainable way across all that we do at settle, making sure this delivers real benefits for our residents and communities. Our strategy sets out our priorities for working in a more sustainable way, as well as meeting the government’s targets for energy performance and decarbonisation. We’ll continue working closely with our customers and partners as we continue progressing our work around sustainability.”

You can read our full sustainability strategy here.

Find out more about the SHIFT accreditation process here.


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