Your response to our homeownership survey

The homeownership survey was sent to leasehold residents by email last June asking how you think we’re doing and whether you feel you hear enough from us throughout the year. We also asked leasehold residents to rate our services including, repairs and grounds maintenance, complaints handling, communication and tenancy management.

We received 125 responses from the 591 residents that were surveyed. Thank you for your feedback. The three areas where further improvement is recommended are communication, doing what we say, when we say it and the services you receive.

We welcome your feedback and have taken action to address the feedback we received. This included:

  • Contacting customers who have shown signs of dissatisfaction to see how we could assist further
  • Visiting leaseholder residents in our last quarterly Big Door Knock as requested
  • Reminding all respondents how to sign up for an online account with us 
  • Creating an action plan that is due to run from November to June. This will include:
    • creating a leaseholder handbook
    • providing more information about the team and points of contact
    • plans for a leaseholder engagement focus group
    • additional improvements to the website and online accounts section
    • information on repair costs, general maintenance and cleaning schedules

We will continue to review the actions we can take to improve these services and send out more surveys in the future so that all leasehold residents can make sure their voice is heard and report on the improvements we are making through our service updates.

Would you like to be part of our new leaseholder engagement focus group? By being part of this group, you can help shape how we deliver our services to leasehold residents. For more information on how you can be part of the panel, please email us.  

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