Community clean up days a success

At settle we want to help create neighbourhoods that residents feel are good places to live in.

Over the past few months settle organised skip days in the Westmill estate in Hitchin and on the Jackmans and Grange estates in Letchworth, giving residents the opportunity to clear out household items they no longer needed or pass on to be recycled.

All events were supported by local partners, including the police, Herts Fire and Rescue Service, representatives from North Herts Council, settle colleagues and Clean Kept Yard, who collected unwanted items as well as goods to be recycled.

Partners and settle colleagues also carried out estate walkarounds and collected any visible litter.

Over the three events, 200 residents took the opportunity to dispose of their household waste, filling a total of seven skips on the Westmill and Grange estates and a 50-yard roll over skip on the Jackmans estate.  Some households were also supported with waste removal from their home and a class of 40 Year 5 children in Hitchin got a lesson on the correct disposal of litter and waste.

Rachel McFarlane, housing director for settle said: “We were delighted to see so many of the residents take the opportunity to dispose of their waste and pass on unwanted items that can be reused or recycled.

“These clean up days are also a great opportunity to get together with our local partners to show support for our residents and listen to their feedback about the services we provide and what’s happening in the community.”

Cllr Amy Allen, Executive Member for Recycling and Waste at North Herts Council said: “I love these clean up events, I’ve been out litter picking with the team and they are fantastic. They’re a real opportunity for local partner organisations to get out in the community and meet with residents, many of whom have said how helpful the days have been.

“It’s great that so many residents have got involved to ensure their waste can be recycled or disposed of properly, and I’ve seen kids get really excited by what’s going on.”

Up to date information on disposing waste and recycling in your area can be found on local council websites  –  North Herts Council  and Central Bedfordshire Council.

We are planning more clean up days in some of our communities next spring and will provide further notice closer to the time.

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