Introducing settle plus and settle neighbourhoods

the settle logo with the word settle in dark grey and an orange map pin, all on a white background

In our customer annual report, we talk about how we are providing our services. We wanted to highlight this now, to emphasise the ways we can help and encourage all residents to get in touch if there is anything we can do to support you in your home and community.

The settle comfort standard – supporting all residents to have a home you can live in comfortably. As a minimum standard we provide all residents with a safe, good-quality home that meets all regulatory requirements. We recognise that some customers might need a little bit more from us to live comfortably in your home, and that a comfort standard for one resident will be different for another resident. So, we will tailor our work and decisions according to the needs of each individual resident.

settle services – being an excellent landlord and delivering effortless transactions for all residents.

settle plus – additional support tailored to individual residents’ needs, either provided directly by settle colleagues or by connecting customers with our partners who are better able to provide specialist support during the time this is needed. If you need additional support, please contact us using the details at the beginning of this update.

settle neighbourhoods – our commitment to invest in the neighbourhoods in which we work, to ensure they are good places to live in. Where we own a high number of the properties in a neighbourhood, we’ll do much of this directly. Where we own fewer homes, we’ll try to influence and support others to do this.
Over the coming months we will provide more details on this, and especially how we will work to tailor services to the needs of each neighbourhood.

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