New video highlights details in our annual report for customers

We were pleased to publish our customer annual report for 2020/21 in December, providing an update to customers on the progress, challenges and plans that affect the services we provide to you.

Some of the contents in this year’s report include ways in which we hear feedback along with details of the complaints we received last year and actions we’ve taken to improve. We describe highlights around increasing investment in homes and neighbourhoods and emphasise that we understand how important it is to provide good quality, timely repairs.

This year we have also produced a short film to bring some of the contents of the report to life. In the film settle resident Annette interviews Joe, Director of Housing, asking questions that will be of interest to many residents. You can watch the film below.

In the report and film we also include details of ways we can provide additional support. If you’re worried about things like paying your rent or energy bills, please get in touch – colleagues at settle will help you or put you in touch with partners who can provide specialist support.

You can read the full customer annual report here. Please use the ‘give feedback’ button below let us know what you think about the report and any ways we can improve the report in future.

A version of this story was first published 20 December 2022 with a link to the customer annual report, and updated on 19 January 2023 to include a link to the additional film.

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