Podcast: Finding ‘home’ – Leesa’s story

At settle, we are driven by our purpose to help people who are struggling to find a place to live. We help our customers to stay in their homes comfortably, so that they can live the life they choose.

As part of our proposals to redevelop the homes on Campfield Way, Highover Road and Icknield Way (49A to 75B) in Letchworth Garden City, our main priority is to ensure residents’ voices are heard and that they are provided with a home that matches their needs.

Resident, Leesa lived in Campfield Way with her family for thirteen years. She was happy in her home and loved her local community, however she no longer required three bedrooms as her children have left home and the house no longer felt comfortable to live in.

An opportunity came up for Leesa to move to a new development of 30 two-bedroom homes for affordable rent in John Stoddart Court, on the Jackmans estate in Letchworth. Initially feeling frightened and sad at the thought of leaving a home that held so many happy memories, Leesa literally got a new lease of life and feels like she has won the lottery in her new home. She took the time to show us around her new home and shares her story in this podcast.

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