Publishing our service standards

Today we’re pleased to be publishing our new settle service standards.

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The standards set out how we will deliver services for residents across the following four areas. We have also published information specifically for homeowners.

  • Our empty home standard. Describes what renting customers can expect the condition of the property to be like when they move in
  • Our home standard. This sets out our safety standards and how we manage longer-term major improvements to our rented properties
  • Our repairs and maintenance standard. Describes what residents can expect when they report repairs, including timescales and which repairs are our responsibility and which ones are theirs
  • Our neighbourhood standard. How we maintain communal areas and neighbourhoods where residents can feel proud to live

Take me to the standards

The standards give more detail than our customer offer which we published in September 2022. The standards and customer offer are all part of our commitment to providing quality services, so that residents have a safe and comfortable home in a neighbourhood they can feel proud to live in.

Clearly setting out our standards is another important way of supporting residents to hold us to account for the quality of services we provide.

I’m really pleased that we have now published the settle standards, which we have developed following feedback from residents, colleagues and partners. We are committed at settle to getting the basics right, day in, day out. We want residents to feel that we are delivering great services and the standards are a really important part of that.

Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive at settle

In this video Jesse Meek, Executive Director of Asset Strategy and Sustainability at settle, provides details on the standards and the information they provide.

We’d love your feedback

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our standards. To give us your feedback, please use the ‘Give feedback’ button at the bottom of this page.

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