Annual report for residents

We’re pleased to publish our 2022-23 annual report for residents, highlighting how we provided landlord services.

Listening to you

We’ve listened to your feedback about the report and made some improvements this year, which we hope make it clearer.

Summary version

Following feedback especially from our Voice of the Resident panel members, we’ve introduced a short summary version of the report to help make the information clearer.

The summary highlights key facts and figures about landlord safety, repairs, investment in homes, listening to residents and how we spend your rent.

A thumbnail of our summary annual report

Summary annual report for residents 2022-23 [PDF]

Resident and tenant instead of customer

One of the things you told us was that we should use ‘resident’ or ‘tenant’ instead of ‘customer’. So, we’ve changed the name to Annual report for residents instead of Customer annual report and refer to residents and tenants.

Improved content

We’ve provided further details in the full report about all these aspects of the services we have provided, and updated content in this version following feedback from Voice of the Resident panel members. The longer report also includes learnings from the complaints we received last year.

Full annual report for residents 2022-23 [PDF]

Tell us what you think

Please use the give feedback button at the bottom of this page to let us know what you think about the report and any ways we can continue improving it in future.

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