Safety in your home  – 23/24

smoke alarm

Our first priority as a landlord will always be to keep residents safe in your homes.

Every year we carry out vital safety checks on your home and rely on you to give us access to your properties to complete these checks. Thank you to all residents who support us with this.

Throughout the year, we have continued our focus on maintaining excellence with regard to landlord compliance.

For the most part we have maintained 100% compliance across all areas, with some exceptions on electrical testing where we have seen some instances of “no access”. Where this has been through simply not being able to make contact with the resident or refusal of access, the procedure and legal route have been invoked and followed. These are such important safety checks that we will follow legal steps where needed. The final overall compliance score at the end of March was 99.04%. 

Fire Safety

We carry out regular Fire Risk Assessments to our blocks of flats to ensure we keep your home safe.

We work with our teams and partners to make sure each home has a smoke alarm on every habitable floor and a carbon-monoxide alarm in any room with a fuel-burning appliance such as a gas or oil boiler.

Any alarms that are missing, faulty or expired are replaced with hard wired detectors where possible which have a 10-year life expectancy.

If you think your home is not protected with a working smoke or carbon-monoxide alarm, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fit the required alarms as a priority. You can log-in to ‘my account’ and use the ‘report a repair’ option or get in touch with us.

Things you can do to keep your home safe

During the last year, 3 house fires were reported in residents’ homes. Thankfully no lives were lost, but the distress and disruption has had a big impact on the households and neighbours involved. Greasy cookers, overloaded electric sockets and electrical gadgets that may not be from reputable manufacturers are quite often the main causes of fire.


• Check your smoke alarms weekly – report any problems to us

• Take the home fire safety check – get a personalised action plan:

• Sign up for home contents insurance – from 40p a week. Get in touch with us to find out more

• Check electrical products have one or more safety certifications on their label and they have been made by a legitimate manufacturer. More information can be found on the electrical safety website:

• Avoid overloading sockets and use one plug per socket. Don’t ‘daisy chain’ extension sockets.

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