Our 2030 Plan

We’re delighted to launch our new 2030 plan which has been developed in partnership with residents, colleagues and stakeholders.

Our new plan includes a refreshed purpose, vision, priorities and values:

Our Purpose

To give residents a firm foundation on which to build their lives. ​

Our 2030 Vision

A safe, comfortable and affordable home for every household.​

Our priorities

To meet our 2030 vision, we have 4 priorities for the next 6 years.

Relentlessly resident focused: We put residents first because they are the reason we exist.

A responsible social business: We take the long view and make decisions to ensure that we can always deliver on our social purpose and provide great value for money for residents.

Safe and warm homes: We want to provide homes and places residents are proud of and help create a more sustainable future for the neighbourhoods where we work.

Meeting housing need: We will improve access to housing supporting better life chances for residents.

Our values

At settle, we are:

Collaborative: We work together to make sure we get things done for residents. 

Kind: We care about the work we do, our colleagues and residents. 

Trusted: Residents trust us to do the right thing. 

Inclusive: We want settle & the places we manage to be welcome to everyone.

Committed: We are absolutely committed to delivering for residents – you say, we do.

Proud: We are proud to work in social housing and play our role in meeting housing need.  

Gavin Cansfield, chief executive at settle said: “All of the priorities and commitments outlined in our 2030 plan are shaped by what we know is important to residents. We believe that what makes us different at settle is that we put residents first. Throughout all that we do we will remain relentlessly resident focussed. We know that everyone is different, so we will ensure that we provide a service that is as individual as each resident.”