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Scarlett's Story

Scarlett's Story

Scarlett's story

"I had nowhere to go..."


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Summer holiday lunches 400 X 400 v2.jpg
Simple summer lunches project

As part of our response to COVID-19, we’re supporting residents with simple, delicious and healthy meals during the summer holidays....

Neighbours 400 X 400.jpg
Help with neighbours

Did you know, we can help with problems with neighbours, parking and other community issues?...

settle-jbp-playground-350 x350 (2).jpg
New children’s play area opened at Swinburne playing fields in Hitchin

An important step in our plans to invest £20million in the regeneration of John Barker Place on the Westmill Estate....

Calender 250x250 (2).jpg
Our usual gas and electrical safety checks are taking place

Our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of our customers....

Penny Metcalf ammeded (2).jpg
Penny Metcalf is promoted to executive director of development

Reflecting our emphasis and ambitions on delivering new affordable homes, we’ve appointed Penny to the role of executive director of development....

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