Contractors working on our behalf

We ask a number of contractors to conduct important safety checks or carry out work in and around your home. All will carry photographic ID, wear distinctive uniforms and drive vehicles clearly signed with their company name.

Boiler checks by Oakray Heating Ltd

Oakray carry out the annual boiler checks in all our properties. They’ll write to you with an appointment time, and if that’s not convenient, just rearrange the appointment by contacting them on the number in the letter.

It’s a legal requirement that these are done every year and it’s one of our priorities to make sure you are comfortable in your home, so we’ll keep in contact until we’ve carried out the check.

Quality checks by Herts Gas and Oil

We ask Peter and Mark from Herts Gas and Oil to quality check our boilers and heating systems. You may receive a phonecall from them after a new boiler has been installed or an annual boiler check has happened.

Electrical testing by Campbell & Kennedy

Campbell & Kennedy test the electrical wiring in communal areas and individual homes.

When it’s time for your electrical safety check, you’ll receive a letter asking you to book an appointment directly with them to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

An engineer will visit at the agreed time to check the wiring. Any remedial work that’s needed and can be quickly resolved will be done there and then for your convenience.

Any further work will be notified to us and we’ll book a future appointment with you.

If you don’t respond within a week or so, the contractor will contact you directly by phone or letter. It’s important that we carry out these checks as we want to make sure your home remains safe and so the contractor will try a few times to get an appointment with you.


Water hygiene testing by Essex and Suffolk WaterEssex and suffolk water logo

Inspectors from Essex & Suffolk Water will be checking shared water systems in schemes and flat blocks, taking monthly temperature checks, changing water softeners and testing water tanks in communal areas.

Access to individual homes will not usually be needed but if it is, we’ll write to you and let you know.

Fire Safety by Baydale Control Systems

Baydale are now servicing, maintaining and managing fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers throughout our communal space.

Access to individual homes will not usually be needed but if it is, we’ll write to you and let you know.

Window and door replacements by Astraseal

We replace windows and doors on a small number of properties identified during our stock condition surveys. Our contractor, Astraseal will write to those customers with further information.

Our contractors will never turn up unannounced. If you are worried about anyone claiming to be sent by settle, simply ask them to wait on the doorstep. Close the door and call us on 0330 343 0016 to check if we’ve sent anyone to your home.

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