settle resident joins panel at NHF conference

It was fantastic to see settle resident Julie join other speakers at the recent National Housing Federation (NHF) customer experience conference.

Julie was the only resident on a panel of four speakers, including representatives from the NHF and two other housing associations.

Together with Tenants is a campaign run by the NHF to strengthen the relationship between landlords and tenants. We’ve been pleased to work with the NHF and many other organisations on this campaign during the past year. As one of the early adopters, we were one of the first organisations to sign up to support the campaign and test the actions it’s recommending, before they are fully rolled out this year.

During discussion about the Together with Tenants campaign, Julie shared her ideas for practical changes to strengthen the relationship between housing associations and residents, including a reminder about the need to provide different ways for residents to get in touch with landlords. During the discussion Julie said “We can be the eyes and ears of the community. We’re here. We’re real”.

We will keep all residents updated about our work supporting the Together with Tenants campaign, including our new customer promise we will be launching soon.